Take Action!

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By Shaghayegh Azimi, Camp Liberty resident

“Take Action” is an imperative clause, urging the addressee to do take a concrete measure about an issue of concern. It might seem to be composed of two simple words, but these two words have been very decisive in the history of humankind. It is said that every human being talks an average of 2500 words per day. But is there a cost to all this talking as well, or is it merely idle prattle? Does it make a difference whether or not we make use of terms such as “commitment” or “massacre” or “condemnation”? Is it important that we reflect on the dangerous consequences that our words might have – however kind and positive they might sound – and to ponder a little about how we can prevent disasters from coming to pass? Read the rest of this entry »


Abducted exiles sought

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Posted on Church Times, Jan 17, 2014

Anguished: Shahabeh Barouti and her mother
Anguished: Shahabeh Barouti and her mother

THE last time Shahabeh Barouti spoke to her mother, she was told: “Don’t worry: we’ll see each other soon.” That was last August, a few days before her mother’s disappearance on 1 September. On Sunday, she spoke of the “pain and anguish” of the continued separation.

Her mother, Mahnaz Azizi, is a member of the People’s Mojahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI), an outlawed Iranian opposition group whose members have sought asylum in Iraq, at Camp Ashraf. Earlier last year, 3200 Iranian exiles were transferred to Camp Hurriya. Ms Barouti was one of those moved; her mother stayed at Camp Ashraf. Read the rest of this entry »

Message of Maryam Rajavi Christmas and New Year 2014

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Dear Friends of the Iranian people and resistance across the world.
On Christmas eve and the birth of Jesus Christ, the messenger of mercy, peace and freedom, I wish you a Happy New Year.
I wish that the New Year would bring peace, solidarity and happiness for the people around the world.
May Freedom and democracy triumph in my homeland Iran and other nations in the region.
Christmas brings with it the spirit of Peace, brotherhood and tolerance when people of all religion come together to replace revenge with love and tolerance. Read the rest of this entry »

A Different New Year

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Shahabeh, Camp Liberty resident, and her mother, Mahnaz, abducted by Iraqi forces
Shahabeh, Camp Liberty resident, and her mother, Mahnaz, abducted by Iraqi forces

By Ebrahim Mir Seyyedi, Camp Liberty resident

As New Year approaches, children steal glances at mothers, wondering about the presents they will be receiving this year. They dream of toys and new clothes, and how they will proudly show their new acquirements to their friends when schools reopen. This is a story that repeats itself at every New Year. New Year is a time of joy, happiness, and reunion. Read the rest of this entry »

Life Is Beautiful and I am Still Alive

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Mojtaba Shadbash, hunger striker in Camp Liberty
Mojtaba Shadbash, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

By Mojtaba Shadbash, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

It was by a quirk of fate that I survived. Had I regained consciousness just a few minutes later, I would have been placed in one of the drawers of the morgue in an Iraqi hospital, along with a number of my friends who didn’t make it.

It was twilight in Ashraf. Iraqi agents in their attack on 8 April 2011 had taken us three as corpses and pulled with them to a corner of a building. I had been beaten within an inch of my life; the blows of sticks and clubs had left my head, face and hands broken and bloodied. M-16 bullets had crushed my legs. The Iraqi forces did not provide minimum medical treatment or even bother to take a look at us, seeking to hand me over to the forensics while I was unconscious. I don’t know, maybe the other two were also alive, or they did not have the chance to gain consciousness before being placed in the morgue drawers. Read the rest of this entry »

From prison to prison, a letter to my sister

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Shabnam Madadzadeh, Iranian student activist imprisoned by the mullahs
Shabnam Madadzadeh, Iranian student activist imprisoned by the mullahs

In 2008, Shabnam Madadzadeh, an Iranian student, was arrested and sent to jail by the forces of the Iranian regime because she was a student activist advocating freedom and democracy in Iran. In April 2011, Akbar and Mahdieh, two of her siblings who were in Camp Ashraf, were killed by the Iraqi forces in the course of a brutal raid against camp Ashraf. The following letter was submitted to “Free the 7” by Farshid, Shabnam’s younger brother, who is currently on hunger strike in Camp Liberty.

Dear Shabnam,

I write this letter from the prison that is ironically called Liberty. More than seven years have passed since I’ve seen you last, and I miss you very much. I know that there’s no way my letter can reach you in the depths of the mullahs’ dungeons, but writing itself eases some of the pain of not seeing you. I would’ve given anything to see you in person again and speak to you directly, but alas, you are in Evin prison, enduring torture at the hands of the mullahs, and I’m in Liberty Prison. Apparently, being far apart is another trial that we must both go through. Read the rest of this entry »

Truly, what is the objective of our hunger strike?

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By Samara Bazazian, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are poised to bring in a new order…

My words are aimed at all politicians who have chosen to remain silent, and are not willing to break their deadly silence for even a moment – yes, not even a moment – for whatever reason they want to call it.

It has been over 100 days since Maliki’s inhumane crime in Ashraf, where 52 people were executed, most with their hands tied behind their backs.

It has been over 100 days since seven of my closest friends, including six women, have been under the most vicious tortures in Nouri Maliki’s notorious prisons while on hunger strike. Read the rest of this entry »