Negotiating with the mullahs at all costs

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By Majeed Mohades, Camp Liberty

Last week, in his State of the Union Address, President Obama boasted that, “… it is American policy; backed by pressure that has halted the progress of Iran’s nuclear program.” He also made it clear that he would do anything to keep the mullahs ruling Iran at the negotiation table, even if it meant defying the will of Congress.

In this same regard, Zarif, the foreign minister of the Iranian regime, confidently dismissed the threats of further sanctions by the US Congress. “Because Obama has promised to veto,” he said.

Obama’s has sent a clear message: He is willing to turn a blind eye on anything the mullahs do as long as they are willing to continue the nuclear talks. Read the rest of this entry »


Do I too have a share of these human rights?

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Marking December 10th, the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

By: Mansour Abaskhani, Camp Liberty resident

This year we marked and commemorated the anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly Declaration of Human Rights on the 100th day of the campaign for the freedom of seven Ashraf hostages. Truly, what was the goal of that declaration signed by the UNGA back in 1948? Was it anything but preventing human rights violations defined in its Third Article, that every human being has the right to life, freedom and security?

This question was always before me that am I also covered by this declaration? What portion of it belongs to me? Am I included amongst the mankind that is spoken of in this text?

When I look back, I see no traces of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Venerating without spending a dime

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By Ashraf Farshid, Camp Liberty hunger striker

Less than a week ago, Nelson Mandela, the historic leader of South Africa passed away. The heads of states and foreign affairs ministers offered condolences. Even Ban Ki Moon expressed his commiseration instead of remaining silent! The UN Security Council held a minute of silence in Mandela’s honor. Obama spoke offered kind words and the American flag was half-raised to pay homage to Mandela.

These are all actions taken by international bodies and governments after the death of this historic national leader. But was Mandela treated so kindly when he was still alive? Read the rest of this entry »

We will continue to stand for truth and human rights

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President Obama with hunger strikers images

By Nader Afkari, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are well into the fourth month of our hunger strike for the freedom of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1st. According to the Urgent Action issued by Amnesty International a couple of weeks ago, the seven Iranian dissidents abducted on September 1st are being incarcerated by Iraqi security forces in an unofficial prison in the Baghdad Green Zone, and they are facing the threat of being tortured or forcibly returned to Iran.

All of them had been promised protection by the US, but unfortunately, the promise was broken. Read the rest of this entry »

Camp Liberty hunger strike continues until the release of seven hostages in Iraqi government’s custody

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As the hunger strike goes on, four more hunger strikers were put under medical care due to paleness, dizziness, inaction and pulse drop. They are currently under medical observation.

Many of the hunger strikers are being taken to the clinic and hospital every day, and they are suffering from dangerous symptoms. Yet the hunger strikers insist on continuing their hunger striker because the US still hasn’t broken its silence and hasn’t taken any action to free the seven Camp Ashraf hostages, who have been abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1st. Read the rest of this entry »

Been there, done that

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By Touba Bozorgmehr, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We have entered the fourth month of our hunger strike. What is clearly visible is that President Obama is infatuated with the new talks with the mullahs’ regime in Iran, the main sponsor of terrorism and extremism across the world, a regime founded on violence and suppression, on meddling in other countries and destroying lives of innocent human beings across the world. Read the rest of this entry »

From the mullahs’ prisons to the UN’s

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By Ebrahim Mir Seyyedi, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

During the many years I spent in the prisons of Khomeini in Iran, I witnessed and experienced terrible things at the hands of the Iranian regime’s torturers. I saw the hangings and the lashings of the young and innocent men and women whose only crime was to raise their voices for freedom and democracy. They had the guts to say that they wanted to live in freedom and would not give in to the dictatorship of the mullahs, and they paid the price with their lives. Read the rest of this entry »