Message of Maryam Rajavi Christmas and New Year 2014

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Dear Friends of the Iranian people and resistance across the world.
On Christmas eve and the birth of Jesus Christ, the messenger of mercy, peace and freedom, I wish you a Happy New Year.
I wish that the New Year would bring peace, solidarity and happiness for the people around the world.
May Freedom and democracy triumph in my homeland Iran and other nations in the region.
Christmas brings with it the spirit of Peace, brotherhood and tolerance when people of all religion come together to replace revenge with love and tolerance.

Christmas is an inspiration for liberation of mankind because on that day Christ was born,
The Holy Quran said, he told everyone “Wherever
I may be, I shall bring blessing and dignity to our people.”
He thought them the tradition of sacrifice and said, “There is no love greater than the one we pay for with our lives for others.”
Dear Friends,
In this Christmas season/unlike the bright and cheerful spirit of Christmas, the religious dictatorship ruling Iran has regrettably stepped-up the arrest and harassment of Iranian Christians.
A number of them have been tried on charges like “Acting against national security.”
Church leaders have either been imprisoned or subjected to different restrictions and controls.
The Intelligence Ministry has put a number of priests under pressure to either abandon their religious activities or leave the country in three months.
The ruling mullahs have not only denied the followers of different religions the freedom to do their religious traditions but have even deprived them of the individual and social rights and a normal living.
The position and conduct of the ruling mullahs are contrary both to Iran’s culture, history and traditions as well as to the teachings of the true Islam.
We recognize Jesus as our own Prophet.
I have every hope that in tomorrow’s democratic and non-nuclear Iran, based on separation of religion and state, all Iranians, with whatever religion or belief, would live together in freedom, peace and tolerance and without any discrimination before the law.
Today in my homeland the whole nation is suffering under a brutal regime, but they are determined to bring about freedom and democracy.
The pioneers of the Iranian people’s resistance for peace and freedom are those currently in Camp Liberty in Iraq.
They are paying the price for freedom of the Iranian people with their lives.
They said no to surrender to the religious dictatorship.
Therefore, the mullahs’ in Iran and their puppet government in Iraq are resorting to all means to eliminate them.
In September at the behest of the mullahs’ regime, the Iraqi forces attacked them, massacring 52 and taking seven hostages
On the occasion of birth of Jesus Christ, with the season’s peace and joy fulfilling every home,
Let us pray for those who are suffering in the region especially in Syria and in Iraq.
I appeal all freedom lovers across the world to support the Iranian people and resistance.
I also appeal to you to take action for the freedom of the seven hostages and all those suffering in prisons in Iran.
I wish you all again a merry Christmas and a very Happy New year


One thought on “Message of Maryam Rajavi Christmas and New Year 2014

    Paul Forseth said:
    December 26, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Violence does not make an ideaology true. In the long run, hate, vevenge, and terrorism does not win. Democracy, freedom, universal education and the free market system (the path of the west) is the only answer for societies, while personal Christian faith is the only source that is capable to feed the soul.

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