Truly, what is the objective of our hunger strike?

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By Samara Bazazian, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are poised to bring in a new order…

My words are aimed at all politicians who have chosen to remain silent, and are not willing to break their deadly silence for even a moment – yes, not even a moment – for whatever reason they want to call it.

It has been over 100 days since Maliki’s inhumane crime in Ashraf, where 52 people were executed, most with their hands tied behind their backs.

It has been over 100 days since seven of my closest friends, including six women, have been under the most vicious tortures in Nouri Maliki’s notorious prisons while on hunger strike.

It has also been over 100 days since hundreds of people in Liberty prison, inmates in Ghezel Hesar Prison inside Iran and other larger prisons, along with hundreds of Iranian dissidents in 8 cities across the globe, are in group hunger strikes.

Truly, what is the objective of our hunger strike?

Yes, we are bent on instigating humane consciences and have the world hear us through our resistance and perseverance. We have sworn to break this silence and inaction at all costs. Despite the fact that those who have direct responsibilities in this regard choose to turn their backs on this horrific crime, they should know that we have sworn to continue our struggle until the perpetrators and elements of this tragedy are brought to justice.

To those politicians who have silenced their lips, I say break this deafening silence and choose not to live in this shame for the rest of your lives. We will most definitely be victorious, and yes, justice will always be the final victor.


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