A hundred days have passed

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Nima and his mother, holding Naser's picture
Nima and his mother, holding Naser’s picture

By Nima Habashi, Camp Liberty resident, brother of Naser Habashi, victim of Camp Ashraf massacre

Is there anyone out there to answer my call? Can anybody hear me? Must I travel to outer space and cry out in some other planet to end this storm of silence? Is Earth truly the planet where human beings love each other and help each other out and coexist in peace? Or has our world transformed into a huge prison where everyone seeks out his own interests, even if it means selling his own honor and dignity and putting his own kind in shackles?

A hundred days have passed. On one side, we see the evil grins and the blood-smeared handshakes behind the curtains of disgraceful silence, while on the other, we see the grace under pressure, resistance at all cost, even one’s life; we see those honorable souls who are inching towards death, crying out for freedom and justice.

Indeed, this is what our world has become.

A hundred days have passed. My brother Naser and 51 other victims of the September 1 massacre in Camp Ashraf are still fighting the odds with their lifeless bodies. It is a painful but glorious battle. The creatures of darkness fear the 52 victims even in death.

A hundred days have passed, and aside from the seven abducted Ashraf residents, Nouri Al-Maliki has also taken hostage the bodies of these 52 heroes. The heart-rending scenes of the September 1 massacre have enraged the world. Will anyone say why the Iraqi government is still refraining to deliver the body of my brother for burial? According to the ethics of which religion are they doing so? How much more blood must be shed from our bodies before this silence is broken?

Indeed, freedom comes at a price. The realization of dreams and wishes come at a price. But, mark my words, my love for Naser, who laid down his life for freedom, is eternal. No one can take that away from me. My heart is filled with sorrow, but at the same time beats fervently to realize this dream and ideal. Even though they avoid returning Naser’s body, he still lives in my heart, and forever will.

He is with me at every dawn, and I see him at dusk. He glows in the galaxy of Ashraf, among the other stars, and his light will forever shine. This is our way of life: we embrace the hardships, and that is how we defeat the criminals who try to fill our world with their vile darkness.

Dear Naser, you and your 51 comrades go on with your fight. Your memory and legacy lives in each and every one of us. True human beings across the world have added their voices to ours and will help us sail through this storm. Together we stand, and this is how every trial and hardship is overcome.

By God’s grace, we are undefeatable, for He always stands with the oppressed and those who fight for freedom. We are not alone in this fight; thousands of noble and courageous human beings are marching with us. We will continue this battle until justice prevails.

Nima Habashi is one of the singers of the Iranian resistance, who has performed many times in Ashraf ceremonies and has sung many songs for freedom in Iran. This is his song dedicated to the victims of the September 1 massacre


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