We will continue to stand for truth and human rights

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President Obama with hunger strikers images

By Nader Afkari, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are well into the fourth month of our hunger strike for the freedom of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1st. According to the Urgent Action issued by Amnesty International a couple of weeks ago, the seven Iranian dissidents abducted on September 1st are being incarcerated by Iraqi security forces in an unofficial prison in the Baghdad Green Zone, and they are facing the threat of being tortured or forcibly returned to Iran.

All of them had been promised protection by the US, but unfortunately, the promise was broken.

As I was browsing through the news, I stumbled upon a headline that surprised me: On Thanksgiving, Obama stops at a shopping mall and visits a group of activists who have been on hunger strike for 18 days. Obama, who was accompanied by the First Lady, expressed his admiration for their efforts.

I was shocked to hear this news. Why is it that President Obama, and in consequence the mainstream media, refuse to pay attention to the hunger strike of hundreds of people in Camp Liberty and cities across the world, including at very doorsteps of Obama’s own White House? Why are their just demands simply being ignored?

As I read through the news, it dawned on me that the world we live in is filled with cruelties and injustices, with values that are far from what human beings merit.

Nader Afkari, hunger striker in Camp Liberty
Nader Afkari, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

But, on the other hand, I reminded myself that we can change this world through sacrifice and selfless devotion. You have to stand up for what’s right and cry out for justice, and doubtlessly, there are awakened consciences that will answer your call. We are paying the price with our weakened bodies and deteriorated health, so that maybe the world will thus hear our words and learn of our plight. We are only demanding for the freedom of the seven hostages.

We will stand for Human Rights and will sacrifice to change this world of injustice.


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