Camp Liberty hunger strike continues until the release of seven hostages in Iraqi government’s custody

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As the hunger strike goes on, four more hunger strikers were put under medical care due to paleness, dizziness, inaction and pulse drop. They are currently under medical observation.

Many of the hunger strikers are being taken to the clinic and hospital every day, and they are suffering from dangerous symptoms. Yet the hunger strikers insist on continuing their hunger striker because the US still hasn’t broken its silence and hasn’t taken any action to free the seven Camp Ashraf hostages, who have been abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1st.

While more than third months have passed since the abduction of the seven hostages and more news prove that they are still in Iraq and in custody of Al-Maliki, more Camp Liberty residents have joined the hunger strike in Camp Liberty.

The silence and inaction of the US and UN in this regard is jeopardizing the lives of the hunger strikers and the hostages. They will be accountable for anything that happens to the hostages or any of the hunger strikers.


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