Been there, done that

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By Touba Bozorgmehr, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We have entered the fourth month of our hunger strike. What is clearly visible is that President Obama is infatuated with the new talks with the mullahs’ regime in Iran, the main sponsor of terrorism and extremism across the world, a regime founded on violence and suppression, on meddling in other countries and destroying lives of innocent human beings across the world.

Those who had hoped to curry favor with this savage regime through the appeasement policy are now trying to keep it satisfied by turning a blind eye on the massacre of 52 residents of Ashraf and the abduction of seven others, including six women, a crime against humanity that has aroused the ire and anger of all freedom-loving human beings and advocates of human rights across the world.

Sometimes I ask myself, “How do these gentlemen convince their own consciences that ‘throwing away the lives of innocent people for the sake of political and economic interests’ is the right thing to do?”

Whether they realize it or not, there will come a day when the lid will be taken off from this political mess, and on that day, they will be held accountable for their involvement in this crime. They’ve been down this road before, when they entered the name of the PMOI in the list of foreign terrorist organizations as a goodwill gesture to the mullahs in Iran, hoping it would help them deal with the most vicious regime in the world. This unfair label became the pretext for the persecution and murder of PMOI members in Iraq and other parts of the world. Fifteen years and many innocent lives later, they took away nothing but a bucket full of regret, and through the perseverance of the Ashrafis and PMOI supporters across the globe, they were forced to repent their decision and revoke the FTO label.

Now the question is, “Is the US ignoring the September 1 massacre as another goodwill gesture to the Iranian regime?” Can there be any other explanation to the 90-day-long silence of Obama’s government? It’s been more than three months that hundreds of Camp Liberty residents are on hunger strike in protest to the inaction of the international community in freeing the seven hostages in Maliki’s custody.

Might be that, by ignoring the truth altogether, the US government is trying to force us to turn back from our course and give up the struggle for the freedom of our seven colleagues. Our answer is: “We’ve been there, done that. There’s no turning back.” Not only have we not given in to this cruel conspiracy, but every day, more and more people are joining our hunger strike in Camp Liberty and in other countries, including United States.

Now, you just need to look out your window to hear our message, President Obama. You’ll see the hunger strikers in front of the White House, calling on you to honor your commitments and stay true to your promises to the residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty.

We’ve been here for 90 days, and will be for 90 more. How long will you last?


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    chaag said:
    December 1, 2013 at 5:53 pm

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    […], 1 décembre – Nous sommes entrés dans le quatrième mois de notre grève de la faim. Ce qui est clairement visible c’est que le président Obama s'est entiché des nouveaux pourparlers avec le régime des mollahs en Iran, le principal parrain du terrorisme et de l'intégrisme à travers le monde, un régime fondé sur la violence et la répression, sur l'ingérence dans les autres pays et la destruction des vies d'innocents à travers le monde. […]

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