Why have US and UN kept silent on this very obvious issue

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By Hanif, Camp Liberty resident

Although I never went to law school, I have read plenty of books and seen enough movies to know that in every court case the first people everyone refers to is the eyewitnesses of a the particular event. Sometimes one single sentence from an eyewitness in court hearings hammers in the last nail in the coffin of a particular case. However, there is this one incident where even the United Nations –supposedly considered the international impartial body – refuses to speak with eyewitnesses of a truly barbaric crime.

Now we have a case. On 1 September 2013, Iraqi special forces linked directly to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki stormed into Camp Ashraf, home to Iranian dissidents for 26 years located 90 km northeast of Baghdad, killing 52 residents and taking 7 others hostage, including six women. 42 other residents survived this horrific ordeal and were transferred around 10 days later to join their colleagues in Camp Liberty, after reports from credible sources from inside Iran indicated that Iraqi forces launched another attack at the behest of Iranian regime against Ashraf and finish the remaining residents once and for all.

All this said and done, what confuses me to this day is that first of all why no party is taking any action, any action at all, to conduct a credible probe – and I emphasize ‘credible’ because Maliki tried to conduct a ridiculous investigation of own to just whitewash his role – into this massacre that occurred in broad daylight, in the middle of 21st century? To make things worse, the survivors have provided hours of footage clearly showing Maliki’s professional killers literally hunting down the unarmed and defenseless Ashraf residents. They have also announced their readiness to fully cooperate with any impartial international commission to get to the bottom of this massacre and have the perpetrators and elements brought to justice.

Did I miss something here? I mean, what else could you want to close this case? However, after nearly 90 days, it is becoming more and more evident that there are more serious factors that must be calculated in this extremely politicized equation. Neither the UN nor the US want Maliki’s role in this atrocity to be exposed, because as former UNAMI Human Rights Office chief Dr. Tahar Boumedra has said time and again, this massacre was most definitely carried out by Maliki’s apparatus under his direct supervision at the behest of the mullahs ‘regime, and it was impossible for the Sep. 1 Ashraf massacre to take place without four parties not knowing about it: US Embassy in Baghdad, the United Nations and UNAMI.

Now we understand why no one is willing to talk to the 42 individuals who survived the Ashraf massacre.

With the big picture coming into light, one comes to realize how huge and utterly serious this matter actually is. That is why US and UN have kept silent on this very obvious issue.


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