I am the voice of humane consciences

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By Houri Afzali, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

It has been 87 days since that atrocious attack against Camp Ashraf. 87 days since the murderers are celebrating how they deceived the entire world, saying, “Can you believe it, we got away with killing 52 people and abducting 7 others, and the entire world is silent and no one has asked us about anything? Nothing!”

Don’t be mistaken, this is not a story of an incident that took place in a far corner of the globe some 100 years ago, and not even about the barbaric ages. No, it took place in September 2013, in the day and age when everyone boasts about democracy. The age of awaken consciences, freedom and knowledge. An era in which one cannot even fool small kids.

Unfortunately, on September 1st ruthless murderers attacked Camp Ashraf – named the Desert Pearl by the Iraqi people – and massacred 52 residents, and abducted six women and one man as hostages. And all senior officials and politicians, and so-called advocates of democracy in the free world, were somehow duped!! The murderers say, “It wasn’t us and we know nothing,” while US and European government officials have turned their backs, saying, “We just don’t know what happened!”

For me and any other rational human being, it is simply ridiculous that in the era of such fast technological progress and communications, the US government – enjoying the most advanced spying and tapping assets – actually claims it has no knowledge of such an attack and hostage-taking. To add insult to injury, the US Embassy was informed by Liberty residents by phone at the exact time the massacre in Ashraf was taking place. But they did nothing, absolutely nothing…

I want to say that ‘senior administrative officials’ may be in deliberate neglect, you may have remained silent and chosen to be fooled, but we will not give in and will continue until we break your silence and reveal the truth. It has been 87 days since I have refused to eat, but my cry along with my colleagues has shaken the entire globe. I want to say that if you have chosen to remain silent and sit back on your chairs, know that you are paving the path for future massacres of Iranian dissidents now in Camp Liberty near Baghdad.

I am the voice of humane consciences. Yes, I am shouting with every bit of my being and breaking the silence as a result. 87 days is nothing, even if it takes 8 months I will cry out loud with every cell of my body. Even if pain engulfs my soul, I will never give in.

Rest assured that relying on all freedom-lovers and awaken humane consciences that symbolize true human values, I have such a great spirit and will that I greet all pains with a smile, because it is the duty of every human being to stand for the truth and justice. I will stand for this cause until our fundamental rights are respected and the hostages are freed. Rest assured all those who chose silence and appeasement will be humiliated for all.

We will not allow Ashraf, the September 1 attack victims, and hostages to be sacrificed for appeasement policies and forgotten forever.

Yes, I am the voice of noble consciences and freedom.


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