Somebody in the US State Department forgot to press “Send”

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By Touba Bozorgmehr, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are nearing the 90th day of our hunger strike in Camp Liberty. It is nearly 90 days that the US and UN have remained silent and idle about the murder of 52 innocent people and the abduction of seven others by the Iraqi forces. We are on hunger strike in protest to this silence and inaction. This is our only way to force these compromisers and appeasers to break their treacherous and murderous silence. They tried to turn their backs on the blood-drenched bodies of Ashraf residents and shut their ears to the sounds of explosions that shook the grounds of Ashraf.

Even though the UN sent a team to Ashraf within 24 hours of the massacre and saw the mutilated bodies of the victims, shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs and lying on hospital beds; even though the UN team saw the explosives that the Iraqi forces had left behind; even though they talked to the 42 residents who had miraculously survived this horrible massacre; yet after nearly three months, not a single step has been taken to force the Iraqi government into releasing the hostages or to conduct an independent investigation into this crime against humanity.

Hadn’t the US and UN promised to protect them? Weren’t the victims and the hostages all “Persons of Concern” and “Protected Persons” under the Fourth Geneva Convention?

Then what happened to the report that or the investigation that presents the perpetrators and demands that they be brought to justice? Were the papers lost in the offices of the UN or the US State Department, forgotten in somebody’s desk drawer? Did somebody forget to press the Send button?

Or is it deliberately being kept silent as part of a sinister plot motivated by political interests?

Regardless of the result of this debate, what is for sure is that this will yet be another stain on the reputation of the UN and US. What is even more outrageous is the silence of the US on the location of the hostages. The US government acts as if these people have suddenly vanished into thin air and no longer exist.

Now, the voices of hundreds of Iranians and advocates of freedom in Camp Liberty and different countries are being echoed across the world. Even though every day, our health is deteriorating and we are inching toward death, we will not let the truth of the September 1 massacre and the abduction of our colleagues be silenced under the thick layers of political dealings, and we will continue our hunger strike until the hostages are freed.

It is the duty of every human being to stand up for what’s right. I ask all awakened consciences across the world to join us in our cause. I have faith that, at the end of the day, the truth will reveal itself.


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