Lives of Camp Liberty hunger strikers in danger

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This afternoon, Mr. Bahman Bakhshi, who has lost 22 percent of his body weight in 85 days of hunger strike, fainted due to severe breathing problems and dizziness and was taken to the camp’s clinic. He was put under IV treatment after being diagnosed by the doctors, and he is currently under medical care.

Bahman is just one of many hunger strikers in Camp Liberty who are suffering from critical health conditions. Many are being taken to the clinic and hospital every day, and they are suffering from dangerous symptoms. Yet the hunger strikers insist on continuing their hunger striker because the US still hasn’t broken its silence and hasn’t taken any action to free the seven Camp Ashraf hostages, who have been abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1st, are freed.

The silence and inaction of the US and UN in this regard is jeopardizing the lives of the hunger strikers and the hostages. They will be accountable for anything that happens to the hostages or any of the hunger strikers.


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