Denying the truth will reduce nothing from your duties, President Obama

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By Houri Afzali, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

It is now 84 days that we are on hunger strike in protest to the massacre and abduction of our friends in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces on September 1, and to the silence and inaction of the United States and United Nations.

Seven innocent human beings are under the torture of Maliki’s “Dirty Division” – six women and a man. All we ask for is their release and the ensured protection of Camp Liberty residents. Every human being is entitled to life and freedom. But alas, the idleness of the United States has left us with no other option than to earn our most basic rights at the cost of our health and, possibly, our lives.

All of these fancy-clothed politicians pledge to protect freedom and democracy and human rights when they are sworn in, but when it comes down to taking some real action, they are wont to forget their promises and words. Sadly, they are unwillingly – or maybe willingly – playing into the hands of killers and criminals: Their silence and inaction is giving Maliki a free hand to kill the hostages or surrender them to Iran – where they will be tortured and executed – and to stage further massacres against the residents of Camp Liberty.

The question is what is the US government gaining from remaining silent – or better put, what will it lose if, for once, it sides with the victims and not the criminals? Why is the state department repeating Maliki’s lies about the hostages not being in Iraq or in the Iraqi government’s custody, when all facts and witnesses assert the contrary? Presently, it is only helping the US evade its clearly-defined duties. The US government was morally and legally responsible for the safety and security of Camp Ashraf and Liberty residents, and must put pressure on Nouri Al-Maliki to secure the immediate release of the seven hostages.

Denying the truth will reduce nothing from your duties, President Obama.

The continued silence and inaction of President Obama will have a direct impact on the lives of the hostages and hunger strikers in Camp Liberty and across the world. The shameful inefficiency of the US government in staying true to its obligations has already cost 112 of Camp Ashraf and Liberty residents their lives. It’s about time that they changed their attitude, lest more lives are lost.


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