Endangering one’s life to protect others

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By Ashraf Farshid, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

Today marks the 78th day of our hunger strike, which we started in protest to the crime against humanity that was committed in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi forces, and to the silence and inaction of the US and UN. We have put behind 78 days of hunger and pain.

It might occur to you, why have I chosen such a path? Hunger isn’t a pleasant thing. Anyone who has gone a day without food knows that. No one would want to endure such a pain without necessity. This is definitely not the first way that a person chooses for protest.

When a horrible crime is committed in Camp Ashraf; when your dearest friends are shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs; when not even the injured in the clinic are spared and are brutally murdered; when seven innocent people are taken hostages by Iraqi forces and are taken to the secret dungeons of Nouri Al-Maliki; and especially when the international community – namely the US and UN – idly stand by and try to push everyone into forgetting about the whole incident, while they were fully responsible for the prevention of such an atrocity; then you can either remain silent and give in to this injustice, hoping – as the US and UN do – that it won’t happen again, or you can take matters into your own hands and use the last means at your disposal to bring about a change.

The lives of the seven hostages in custody of the Iraqi government are still hanging in the balance. The protection and security of the rest of us in Camp Liberty aren’t guaranteed either – any moment, we might become subject to attacks similar to the one that took place in Ashraf.

There would be no need for hunger striker had the US President stayed true to a fraction of his obligations towards the residents of Ashraf and Liberty. But in five deadly massacres that have occurred, the US government has literally betrayed us with its silence and inaction.

When President Obama turns his back on his responsibilities to protect the residents of Camp Ashraf and Liberty, and when he does nothing to secure the release of the seven hostages, my last option to save the lives of the hostages and protect my freinds in Camp Liberty is my hunger strike. We pay the price of US and UN’s inaction with our health and, possibly, our lives.

We endanger our lives to protect others.



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