Six Qods Force Agents in Baghdad and mullahs’ plan to take over the hostages or finish them off in Iraq

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In its several statements since November 13, Iranian Resistance has exposed entry of six agents of the terrorist Qods Force into Iraq in an attempt to cover up the great crime against humanity in Ashraf and in relation to the fate of the seven hostages.

Meanwhile, according to reports received from inside the clerical regime and from regime’s Supreme Security Council, in a deal with Maliki, mullahs’ regime is waiting for a suitable opportunity so that Government of Iraq is able to handover the hostages to it or alternatively to kill them in Iraq or break them under torture.

At the end of the eleventh week of abduction of the hostages and hunger strikes by residents of Camp Liberty and Iranians in various countries, meetings and talks between henchmen of the terrorist Qods Force and senior officials of Iraqi government on the fate of hostages has raised extensive concern about conspiracies by the Iranian regime and Maliki’s government to extradite the hostages or alternatively to finish them off.

Astonishing statements by a U.S. “Senior Administration Official” in a briefing via teleconference on October 30, and statements by representative of the State Department in the November 13 hearing of the congressional Subcommittee on Middle East in favor of Maliki and his amazing essay from beginning to end of the hearing to portray Maliki as uninformed and not culpable in this great crime against humanity, work to facilitate any future criminal act by Government of Iraq in the next steps. The official in the teleconference stressed: “We have no credible information to date that the Iraqi Government was in any way involved in the reprehensible attack at Camp Ashraf.” Similarly, representative of the State Department in the congressional hearing shockingly asserted that the seven hostages are not in Iraq!

These statements are void of any truth whatsoever. Extensive presentable documents to any independent international probe, body, or court are readily available that unmistakably testify to the fact that the seven hostages continue to be on Iraqi soil and that they are under the control of special forces of the Prime Ministry and Maliki’s son. Iranian Resistance has continuously shared details on this matter with the U.S. side, but for unknown reasons the State Department refrains from conducting a probe into this great crime or even to officially ask for an independent, impartial and transparent inquiry by United Nations.

Clearly, if the hostages are to be extradited to the Iranian regime or killed in Iraq, most burden of responsibility squarely rests on the U.S. government that had repeatedly guaranteed their safety and security.

At the beginning of the twelfth week of hunger strike in Camp Liberty and various countries around the globe, given extraordinary apprehension of the families and the Iranian community, Iranian Resistance calls on President Obama for intervention and urgent action to secure the release of the hostages. Taking seven “protected persons” hostage for 78 days is a blatant case of crime against humanity.



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