Iranian Resistance Singer writes to Obama

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Mr. President,

You officially took oath in the presence of the chief of US Supreme Court and in front of all eyes, and you solemnly pledged to take all responsibilities of United States presidency and to preserve, support and defend state constitution. Additionally, you are a jurist and a Nobel’s peace prize winner. The aforementioned facts leave no doubt as to how much responsibility you bear. We are now in mid-November, and Christmas is fast approaching. While you get ready to celebrate the anniversary of Christ with your family, think of the innocent people who have been crucified due of the idleness and inaction of your government!

For your Information, I’ve already read about United States’ history, but regretfully, the first thing that comes to my mind is the violation of commitments, which I’ve experienced during the past few years by your administration.

Frankly, when I reflect on how much trust I put into your government’s words and commitments about protecting us, I feel that I’d been naïve. I feel betrayed.

Mr. President,

Of the people to whom you had promised safety and security, 112 have lost their lives to this day. Their only goal was to achieve freedom and democracy. Aren’t those the same values that you preach about?

I lost all trust and faith in the US government’s commitments after the brutal massacre that Iraqi forces conducted in Camp Ashraf on September 1, in which 52 of my dearest friends lost their lives and seven others were taken hostage by Maliki’s forces. Not only your government took no action, but you went as far as welcoming Maliki to the White House.

Mr. President,

In protest to your silence and inaction, I and hundreds of my colleagues have launched a hunger strike that has lasted for more than 76 days, demanding the freedom of the seven hostages – six of whom are women – and security for Camp Liberty residents.

But unfortunately we haven’t seen any effective and serious action by your government.

Mr. President,

Let me emphasize that because of US’s promises, you are responsible for all lives lost, all violated rights, the seven hostages, and the lack of security in Camp Liberty. Finally, I want you to know that you will be accountable for any further incidents in Camp Liberty.

Mr. President,

I won’t hesitate to sacrifice my life, if it’ll prevent the loss of more lives, and I hope that my sacrifice will help members of Iranian resistance and freedom fighters pay less to achieve the basic and fundamental rights that every human being is entitled to.

While being in a prison – which is ironically called “Liberty” – because of the broken promises of the US and UN, my death will be a shame on all those who spent their time standing by and doing nothing.

Hunger strike has become my only means to reach out to the world and have my voice heard. I love life, peace and friendship, yet the lives and security of my friends and family, and the humanitarian values that I cherish, are more valuable to me than my own life. Without a doubt, at the end of the day, it is the people and history who will be the judge in this regard.

Dear Mr. President,

There are awakened consciences in the world. I believe in peace, and I’m using my last resort – my life – to bring attention to the just demands of me and my friends.

The only thing that will make me stop my hunger strike will be concrete and tangible action from your part for the freedom of the seven hostages and the provision of security for the residents of Camp Liberty. I won’t trust words anymore, unless they are followed by real action.

I’m so sorry that, in the era of technology and communications, such simple and basic rights must come at the price of human lives. But have no doubt that the day will come that our rights will be restored.

Thus I humbly offer my life as a gift to my people and the sacred words, “love” and “freedom”, and my death will be a dark stain on the reputation of those who didn’t live up to their commitments. My duty is to defend truth and freedom, and I assure you that I will stand by my duty till the end!

Mr. President,

This is the first letter that I write to you, and I will make it public. Take action now! You are responsible for past and future events. And the awakened consciences of the world are watching closely.


Sajad Sepehri “ Mohammad”

Hunger striker in Camp Liberty – Baghdad – Iraq

Day 76 of hunger strike

View slideshow of Mohammad on hunger strike


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