Camp Liberty hunger strikers in critical condition. US still silent

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Camp Liberty Hunger Strike Report-20131115
Marzieh Rezaii, Camp Liberty hunger striker in critical conditions

On Friday November 15, fifteen of the hunger strikers in Camp Liberty were transferred to the Iraqi clinic in serious condition. One of them, Marzieh Rezaii, who was in critical condition with the diagnosis of Cardiac Ischemia, was transferred to Baghdad hospital as emergency case. She was transferred to CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) in the hospital and her condition is still unstable.

Marzieh Rezaii is one of the survivors of the famous family of Rezaii. She has lost three of her brothers to the Shah regime and two of her sisters to the mullahs’ regime, currently ruling in Iran. Many of the hunger strikers have lost more than 20 percent of their body weight and are in critical conditions.

It is now 77 days that hundreds of Camp Liberty residents are on hunger strike. Despite their critical health conditions they insist to continue their hunger strike and call on President Obama to break his silence and take action for the freedom of the seven hostages in custody of Iraqi forces before it becomes too late.

The US government will be responsible for anything that happens to the hostages or the hunger strikers.


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