Dithering at the cost of Seven Innocent Lives

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By Mona Ganji, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

73 days have passed since Iraqi forces staged a massacre in Camp Ashraf, brutally murdering 52 residents and abducting seven others. In order to wash his hands of the blood of innocents and deceive the international community, Maliki has denied having conducted the attack and has been constantly displacing the hostages to different secret prisons – of which he possesses many.

According to accounts given by witnesses, the conditions of Maliki’s secret prisons – the notorious “safe houses” of the Iraqi Prime Ministry – are terrible for anyone, let alone the six women who are among the hostages. Even if they survive the terrible tortures that are exercised in these prisons, they are still under the threat of being extradited to the Iranian regime. Of the atrocities that the mullahs’ regime commits against the Iranian people, only a small fraction is being revealed every day, but even that is enough to abhor any human being that learns of it. One can only wonder what will await the hostages if they are surrendered to the Iranian regime.

The US is responsible for the lives of the hostages. If it weren’t for the support that the US bestows Maliki’s government, he wouldn’t be able to attack the residents of Camp Ashraf and Liberty on numerous accounts and keep the hostages for such a long time. Therefore it is time for President Obama to hold Maliki accountable for the crimes he has committed against the Ashrafis. It is time that President Obama takes some concrete measures and puts pressure on Maliki to free the seven hostages. Appeasement and compromise will only encourage Maliki to commit more crimes and will come at the cost of more innocent lives.


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