All Residents of Camp Liberty Address President Obama

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 “Free the 7” would like to draw public attention to the letter signed by all residents of Camp Liberty, addressed to President Obama. We urge all defenders of Human Rights to read this letter and be the voice of the besieged residents of Camp Liberty by sharing and tweeting the residents’ message.

Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States

November 6, 2013

Dear President Obama,

We the signatories of this letter are writing you from Camp Liberty in Iraq to raise your attention to the dire status of hostages abducted from Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi government. As you are aware during the September 1 massacre, 52 defenseless Ashraf residents were massacred by Maliki’s special forces while seven others were taken hostage.

Two months later, your spokesman on November 1 said regarding the necessity of having the 7 Ashrafi hostages released:

“We are pursuing these matters actively and daily with UNAMI, with UNHCR, the government of Iraq and other relevant authorities, to seek information on the MEK members who went missing and to ensure as much protection as possible is provided for the residents who are at Camp Hurriya.”

There is enough strong evidence showing the hostages are in Maliki’s prisons. These details have been continuously sent to your embassy and the United Nations, and the residents’ lawyers have announced this in numerous press conferences. Unfortunately, to this day no serious investigation has been conducted and no serious action for the release of the hostages has been taken. Thus, the Iraqi government feels no pressure in this regard.

Mr. President,

The US government is responsible in face of the residents’ safety and security, including the seven hostages whom are officially asylum seekers of the UN Refugee Agency. Today, the release of the seven hostages depends on your actions. Therefore, we are asking you to condition any aid to Maliki’s government on freeing the seven hostages. We are awaiting their release.


Residents of Camp Liberty


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